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About Us

Bitroots, a nascent company, providing access to a diverse portfolio of products and services that aim to add personal and social value to peoples' lives and grant them with opportunities for both personal and professional growth and success.

Bitroots provides a revolutionary opportunity that aims to bring numerous opportunities to individuals who strive to take charge of their life. The business model is based on a unique concept, wherein people can profit by referring and consuming the products and services on offer. With Bitroots, you join the next generation of global entrepreneurs who intend to work towards fulfilling their personal dreams and ambitions.

Driven with passion, Bitroots, as a company, envisions providing one and all, globally, with an honest and transparent franchise-like business opportunity, without needing to invest millions, yet giving them the compounding power to secure economics independence with 100 % focus on people satisfaction, via, *absolute integrity,* *people first *professional approach, *equal opportunity for all*, empowering and educating, growing leaders, compounding income, and array of value products & services.

Bitroots, a nascent company, finds its roots in the long cherished of its founder, Charanjeet Singh khanuja, of providing one and all, globally, with an opportunity to realize their optimal potential for personal growth and overall success.

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Key Pillars Of Bitroots Culture


At Bitroots, trust is the guiding force. We are committed to provide an open and transparent environment.

Professional Approach

Every member of our team is dedicated to the continual improvement of both the quality and functionality of the Bitroots Network. Above all, we set high standards of professionalism and personal conduct.

Reward Success

We at Bitroots believe that success is directly proportional to each person’s level of motivation and effort. Hence, our remuneration structure allows profiting and prospering.

Empowering Leadership

We at Bitroots are focused at creating tomorrow’s leaders by offering a system and support they need to achieve personal and professional growth.


Absolute integrity is at the core of who we are and reflected in all that we do.

People First

We believe in treating people with respect, individual dignity, kindness, and acknowledging that each person has a unique and important role.

Quality And Value

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Quality and Value lies at the core of our very existence. Be it our system, products and services, etc, quality without compromise is the mantra.

Equal Opportunity

Inclusion and respect, irrespective of age, gender, experience, race, religion or creed, you will be welcomed into our global family.

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  • Charanjeet Singh Khanuja FOUNDER/ DIRECTOR

    Charanjeet Singh Khanuja, a Visionary and dynamic first generation entrepreneurial persona, is an embodiment of building a successful business despite coming from humble background.

    “Dreams‿ he says “are the seeds of possibilities‿ Unless we dream and believe in them we stand no chance in achieving them. He says, "When I was a student, I told my friends that I was going to be a millionaire some day.‿Initial hardships, however, made him realize that the traditional ways of making money would never help him realize his dreams. This clarity was crucial in his journey.

    His constant pursuit for better ways made his path intersect with a successful businessman who, later became his mentor, introduced him to the power of compounding and franchising. It made him wonder how a simple hamburger could make someone wealthy. He was quick to realize the power of franchising to create wealth. Unfortunately, starting a franchise required a lot more money than a common man can afford. But, like they say “where there is a will there is a way‿ His mentor introduced him to a common man’s franchising opportunity to which he was quick to latch on to. Fortune favors the brave and rest as they say is history. He went on to successfully manage and grow his business globally and later successfully replicated the very same principles to series of other businesses.

    He continues to run his businesses with utmost passion and dedication. Passionate about business and people building, it’s his constant endeavor to help people realize their potential for personal growth and overall success.

    Now, his sole mission is to provide one and all globally with an honest and genuine franchise-like opportunity without needing to invest millions and yet giving them the compounding power to secure economic independence and leave a legacy